Monday, January 18, 2010

Some pampering for the New Year

Wow... I just noticed I haven't posted in a MONTH. Things were justifiably crazy - what with the holidays & the fact that we spent them out of the country. While we were gone, I had a few nights of 'when in Scotland...' therefore I looked & felt horrible.
Lucky for me, I packed my Relastin Ultra Emollient and put it to good use. I positively slathered myself in the thick creme, trying to repair the damage of long flights, jet-lag & too much celebratory champagne. Well it got the job done, and I have photographic evidence to show I wasn't too worse for the wear following the trip.
On a more scientific note, I really love combining this creme with my nightly retinoid application. The retinoids go to work on collagen production & Relastin works it's magic on elastin production. You need both of these elements for healthy, beautiful skin & this is my chosen route to achieving said skin... prevention is 9/10ths of the beautiful skin law.
And to prevent damage around the eyes, check out this past post on Relastin's Eye Silk - you'll love it, it's like buttah.


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