Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas shopping list - Kings & Queens

For the Queen (or King) on your Christmas list, one of our favourite product lines - Kings & Queens.

No reason to make specific recommendations here, every product in this Korres off-shoot line is truly decadent & luxurious. Every time I write about these products, I fall in love all over again with the idea of using modern products with ingredients that historical figures used to pamper & beautify themselves with. The fact that these are green beauty products is the jewel in the crown.

Anyway, who am I kidding? I will make a recommendation or two. Anything with the Nefertiti fragrance is mind-blowingly delicious, and the Queen Isabella cinnamon orange body scrub smells beautiful & does a thorough but gentle job. And for the gentlemen, I am quite partial to the spicy sensuality of the King of Sumatra Pepper Bergamot soap. The prices are all quite reasonable, so while you're shopping don't forget to also treat yourself like a queen for a day... after all, it's Christmas!


July said...

This looks like something for me... however I need to buy for my family... For my son... I wanted to share this Christmas shopping idea.. I found this site called EZwingame. They are giving away free things like a Nintendo Wii ( which I played for to give my son) as well as Calvin Klien perfume for me.

I liked your post..

Anonymous said...

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